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Jawline Slimming

Non-surgical treatment

Treatment summary

Treatment time

30 minutes


Takes 2-6 weeks to show effect


15-20mins (depends on the individual and treatment plan)


From £330 (Note: prices differ depending on the injector. Please ask when booking in.)

The Concern:

Due to a variety of factors, including genetics, hormones, and stress, any gender can be affected by a large, or square jaw, and it can cause significant distress for some people. We all have masseter muscles in our lower portions of the face that can be, in some people, more pronounced. As a result, it can make your face look squarer. More and more people attend our clinic to prevent this, wanting to achieve a slimmer appearance in the face creating a more delicate and feminine jawline silhouette. Teeth grinding is also a common cause for change to our jawline shape, as this repetitive action builds on the muscles within the jawline, causing growth that then adds bulk to the shape of our jawline – often enlarging it and making it more masculine, whilst some may prefer this look, for others this squaring of the jaw can cause them distress.

The Solution:

Jawline Slimming works subtly by weakening the masseter jaw muscle to give a softer jaw angle. The jaw reduction treatment inhibits the action of the masseter jaw muscle which leads to a reduction in size of the muscle.

We can help reduce the overuse of the muscle, in turn, helping to slim down the face and reduce any tension caused by teeth grinding.

The Method:

Our AMS specialist clinicians will complete a visual assessment of the area to be treated, he or she will palpate the area to be treated, manually isolate the muscles, and then do a series of two to three injections to each side of the lower face.

The procedure shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and the pain level is low. For those with low pain tolerance, a numbing cream is available.

The Results:

This treatment typically takes 2 to 5 days to start working, with full slimming results seen in a few weeks. The treatment wears off after 3 to 4 months, so to maintain a slimmer more oval appearance in the jawline, you’ll need to continue to get injections several times per year.
It is also worth noting that this treatment is only effective for those that have squaring of the jawline due to muscle growth, and not for those that have an enlarging due to their jawbone.


You should also be able to return to work or to your normal activities immediately following Jaw slimming treatment. It is a quick and effective in-and-out procedure however for optimal results and to prevent any adverse swelling or reactions we recommend the following activities are avoided immediately after this treatment:

  • touching or rubbing the injected area
  • lying down
  • exercise
  • leaning down
  • taking pain relievers or drinking alcohol
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