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Expert Team of Practitioners

Our team at AMS Aesthetics have collectively 10 years + experience in the aesthetic industry. Over the years, we have worked on accurately developing the art of injecting, being able to tailor our injectable style so we can obtain a result that is individual to you.

Through seeing 1000s of patients, we have been fortunate to see an array of different case studies, being able to adapt to help create the natural result you desire.

Amar, and his carefully selected team of AMS Certified Injectors, continue to learn and grow their knowledge, attending expert training sessions on a regular basis. Amar is an author and his opinion is sought after to help improve the standard of the aesthetic industry.

Alongside running AMS Aesthetics, Amar is also the founder of The AMS Academy Group, which was created in 2017, that collectively focuses on teaching the specific art of injecting that Amar has developed over years of injecting. His team are also trainers for the academy, ensuring the level of quality is kept high throughout all platforms for patients and students alike.

What You Will Experience on the Day

Before attending our clinics, you will be asked to fill an online consent form that is sent to you before an appointment. This allows our team to pre-screen you and ensure the suitability of the face-to-face consultation.

Once screened, we will invite you to the clinic of your choice, where you will be greeted by our friendly team. It is paramount to us that you are invited for a consultation before any treatment is carried out, to assess your concerns and your goals. Our team at AMS Aesthetics take a step-by-step approach in your consultation, creating a tailored approach that is individual to you.

We pride ourselves on achieving natural results when possible, so we spend a considerate time with you assessing your unique angles, ratios, muscle movements and response. From this we create a unique treatment plan that takes into consideration your unique qualities, while being safe and efficient at the same time.

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