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Jawline Fillers and Definition

Treatment summary

Note: You must be 21 & over for us to consider treatment.

Treatment time

45 minutes




1 hour-3 days (Depends on the individual and treatment plan)


From £620 for 2ml (Note: prices differ depending on the injector. Please ask when booking in.)

The Concern:

The jawline area can really define the shape of our face and it is one of the most common areas that are prone to sagging skin as the years go by.
Lost volume along the jawline or chin over the years can leave the face baggy and lacking in definition. Or for those that are wanting to reduce the concept of jowls then revitalising their jawline will lessen the effect and help by restoring its structure. Loss in bone volume is also common in this area as we age and the compound effect can leave us wistfully wishing for that definition of yesteryear. Genetics also play a part in our jawline, and if we have inherited a weak jawline (thanks folks!) it could be that this dissatisfaction with this part of our face has been long-held.

The Solution:

Jawline Fillers are a fantastic way to achieve a strong shapely jawline. Whether your jawline is getting you down due to genetics or aging – this is the perfect treatment for you.
People who feel dissatisfied with the look of their jawline or chin may wish to add definition to that area and this can be achieved using Jaw fillers, an injected type of dermal filler, which can provide a non-surgical solution. Jawline dermal filler is perfect for anyone wanting an elongated or “snatched” (tight and defined) look in their lower face, wanting to lessen the look of the dreaded jowls, desiring a stronger lower facial structure, or simply wanting to revitalise and restore volume.

The Method:

A jawline filler is an inert substance such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, or hydroxyapatite that can be injected into certain areas on your face to enhance and reshape your jawline. Your practitioner will administer a numbing treatment to the site of injection – ensuring the treatment is more comfortable for you – next, a small amount of the filler will be injected into multiple sites strategically along the jawline. Your practitioner will slowly and continually assess the results of each injection during your treatment.
The whole procedure averages around 45 minutes.

The Results:

Your results should be visible and apparent immediately, even though there will be some slight swelling to the injection site – it will not detract from the finished effect.

Jawline Filler Results


You should also be able to return to work or to your normal activities immediately following jaw filler treatment.
To ensure that you have the best possible results:
Don’t try to cover up post-procedure redness or swelling with makeup or concealer. Try and avoid strenuous exercise and contact sports for a few days. It is also advisable to avoid heat (such as a sauna), extended bright direct sunlight exposure, and alcohol for a few days post-treatment.

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