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Teeth Grinding

Treatment summary

Note: You must be 21 & over for us to consider treatment.

Treatment time

30 minutes


Takes 2-6 weeks to show effect


15-20mins (depends on the individual and treatment plan)


From £330 (Note: prices differ depending on the injector. Please ask when booking in.)

Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, is an unconscious teeth clenching which can cause grinding of the teeth. This can be achieved while awake or asleep. This unconscious teeth clenching can be quite painful that can lead to unwanted headaches, facial pain and excruciating migraines.

This is sometimes difficult to point out exactly why this is occurring for you, but it can be activated during stressful and anxious periods, a lack of good quality sleep and certain lifestyle choices such as drinking alcohol and certain medication.

As a result, the overuse of the masseter muscle (the muscle involved in chewing) can cause the muscle to become stronger and widen. This widening effect isn’t always ideal for a female face shape.

It has been found that the use of Botulinum Toxin (such as Botox ®) in over-exercised muscles help soften the muscle activity. Using small, specific injection points in the masseter muscle, this can weaken the muscle and minimise the involuntary grinding of the teeth. This then reduces the chance of extra side effects such as headaches and facial pain.

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