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Pebble Chin

Treatment summary

Note: You must be 21 & over for us to consider treatment.

Treatment time

10-15 mins (including face to face consultation)


Usually 4-10 days after treatment


15-30 mins (Depends on the individual and treatment plan)


From £185 (Note: prices differ depending on the injector. Please ask when booking in.)

What is a Pebble Chin?

The Pebble Chin is a concern for some of our patients as it starts to bother them due to the unwanted appearance it causes in the chin.

This effect is caused by a muscle in the chin called the Mentalis Muscle, which can become too hyperactive resulting in the chin to have a pebbled/orange peel appearance.

As you age, and as a result of excess muscle use and loss of collagen and elastin, this effect can become deeper and more static.

We inject carefully into the Mentalis Muscle to reduce its hyperactivity and reduce the pebble appearance as a result. This creates a smoother/flawless appearance.

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