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Gummy Smile

Treatment summary

Treatment time

20 – 30 minutes (including face to face consultation)


4 – 10 days after treatment


15-30 mins (Depends on the individual and treatment plan)


From £185 (Note: prices differ depending on the injector. Please ask when booking in.)

For some of you, when you smile, you sometimes may get something called gummy smile. In ideal situations, when you smile, the upper lip should sit ideally just above the top set of teeth. However, in some instances you can see there is an indifference between the gum and the upper teeth leading to a gummy smile that can cause some of you to feel mindful of the fact that this is occurring.

When the position of the teeth, the gum tissue and the upper jaw lack harmony a gummy smile can form. It’s an overall combination of:

  • The relative gum tissue that is displayed
  • The overall size and shape of the teeth
  • The degree of movement and length of the upper lip
  • The position of the jaw and teeth in line with the skull

A gummy smile can vary from person to person, but ideally it is where 4mm of the gum tissue shows when smiling. Most people are unaware that there is a simple, effective method to reduce this effect. When it starts to impact your life and well-being, it may be the right time to do something about it.

One way of correcting gummy smile, is reducing the hypermobility of the lips with the use of anti-wrinkle injection to minimise the muscle activity. A thorough consultation will be recommended to allow the advanced injector to assess the ability to move certain muscles and location of it.

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