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Vertical Lip Lines

Treatment summary

Note: You must be 21 & over for us to consider treatment.

Treatment time

30-45 mins (including face to face consultation)


(with anti-wrinkle injections) usually 4-10 days after treatment (with Dermal Filler) Immediate.


(with anti-wrinkle injections) 15-30 mins (Depends on the individual and treatment plan) (with Dermal Filler) 1 hour.


(Anti-wrinkle injections) From £185 (Dermal Filler) From £350 (Note: prices differ depending on the injector. Please ask when booking in.)

What are Vertical Lp Lines?

Vertical Lip Lines are sometimes referred to as “smokers lines” or “barcode lines”. These lines can become quite visible aiding to the appearance of ageing, which can make some of our patients feel self-conscious about them. These lines are caused by excessive movement in that area, leading to fine lines being formed perpendicular to the vermilion border of the lip.

They form relatively naturally, due to excess facial expressions and use of the lips for talking, drinking, eating etc. As we start to age, we start to lose our collagen and elastin that would keep the skin tight and volumised. Lifestyle factors aids to this, such as smoking due to the repeated facial expressions used to smoke and its ability to induce the breakdown of collagen quicker. Similarly, excess exposure to UV rays can break down collagen and elastin of the skin tissue reducing the once plumped and firm area.

There are three ways to help soften this appearance and in some occasions a combination of three maybe needed. You can use Anti-wrinkle injections in the muscles used to pucker your lips, called the Orbicularis Oris. Using this technique, you can relax the muscles to give a more relaxed appearance. This reduces the lines formed due to excess muscle movements, thus giving a smoother appearance.

You can also consider the use of a very soft Dermal Filler. Using a soft Dermal Filler, can soften the lines and create a more plumped appearance by integrating with the skin tissue. When using Dermal Fillers, under the right injector, you can lift and soften the area and replenish the volume loss in the area and create a more hydrated area by having the soft filler draw more water into the area.

The other treatment to consider could be injected the vermilion border with the use of Dermal Filler, thus plumping out the border of the lip and using the filler to draw more water to the area, thus creating a more plumped up appearance.

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